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We are a group of online entrepreneurs that came together in 2014 on a forum site for newbies wanting to make money online.  Through weekly online meetings talking about our many failures and some successes we put all our best preforming ideas software, tutorials, and programs to help the next big success story.  We are from 8 different countries and have many different ideas, but also had the same stories of success.   These are some of the best methods we have used to make extra money.  


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Website Flipping Ningas


  • Introduction
  • Website flipping 101 
    Case study #1
  • To buy or to create a site from scratch?
  • Flipping Basics
  • Making a site shine
  • Creating your site
  • Selling the site
  • Making it big
  • Duplicate and grow
  • A comprehensive case study
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Domain Name Investing

Investing in websites is a process that allows any savvy user to make a sizable profit. The process should be three fold: invest in flipping, parking and developing websites. The better you can do at this, the more likely it is for your business to do very well, without a lot of long term commitment.

Consider the different ways to invest in domain investing, or website investing.

1. Invest in website flipping:
Here, you will purchase a domain name and start to develop the website. Once you have some level of secure footing, you then sell the website at a profit.

2. Invest in domain name parking:
Here, the website owner registers a domain name. Then, with very little cost, they do nothing more than sit on it and try to sell it to those that may be interested in buying it.

3. Invest in website development:
Purchase a domain name, work to establish the website and then hold on to it and profit from it.

In each of these situations, there is profit to be had. Domain name parking offers the lowest potential returns unless you have a very in demand type of domain name that a company feels they must have. Investing in a website and then flipping it is a great way to turn a profit, especially if you know how to set up a website fairly quickly and what it takes to get the Internet marketing going on it. Finally, owning and developing a website is the largest profit maker because the long term benefits far outweigh the short term selling in either of the two prior options. Yet, the profits may be well off into the future.

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Evergreen leads


getting the tools and strategies that can generate evergreen sales and leads to any business you own regardless of the industry…
  •  It’s the same tool and strategy that enabled a small guy from California to scale his coaching business to a multimillion-dollar empire, known famously today as Tony Robbins
  •  It’s the same tool and strategy that enabled company like Airbnb to scale from 2 people who can’t pay their rent to its current valuation in the ten’s of billions of dollars
  •  It’s the same tool and strategy that enabled legendary marketers like Dan Kennedy, John Reese, and Frank Kern to run their multi-million dollar online empire, even if they are just a one-man show running the entire business from the comfort of their home


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Commission Fire

If You’re Finally Ready For “Overnight” Success, Now You Can…
Discover The Closely Guarded Secret To Earning A 5-Figure, 6-Figure, Even A 7-Figure Paycheck From Commission Alone!
Instantly Propel Yourself Into The Big Leagues As A Hotshot Affiliate Marketer And See Boatload Of Cash Flowing Into Your Bank Account – Way More Than What You’ve Been Earning So Far
Commission Fire contains an incredible arsenal of technique that top affiliate marketers use to generate massive commission regardless of whatever you’re promoting.
It has everything to get you started from scratch to becoming a top affiliate marketer.
Finally you too can be the next affliate rockstar and start cranking in massive paydays…
And be the sought after sales machine by vendors and the envy of your peers.
  •  The Amazingly simple step by step process you can take to write a killer review
  •  How To 3x Your Commission Bonus Technique
  •  Types of Killer Bonuses you must know
  •  Why you’re just one technique away from tripling your commission
  •  An unorthodox way to overtake everyone else and jump straight into the top affiliate leaderboard
  •  Utilize an AMAZING secret that when used properly will result in avalanches of commission
  • The amazingly simple step you must take to avoid the most common mistake that most newbies make that results in zero sales

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Lead Magnet Profits


If you’re wanting to build a list and profit from it, then this video lesson is ideal for you. Building a list is one thing, but profiting from it is another thing altogether. Once you have and know how to build a list, what you’re wanting to do next is to know how to profit from it. Within this video lesson, you’re going to learn how to profit from your mailing list.


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Undercover Money Methods

Undercover Make Money Methods is software and a high-quality tool used in building lists as well as providing methods on how to make money. This DFY or “done/designed for you” tool provides thirteen (13) different money-making methods. This tool also lets consumers brand it the way they want to, so that they can generate more money from it!

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